Any Questions? 

How does therapy work?

The relationship between client and therapist is key

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Therapy is different for everyone, so there is not one right answer to this, but the research shows that much of the success of therapy is down to the relationship between client and therapist, regardless of the methodology or way of working. That’s why I try and tailor what we do to your specific needs, and that might change as the work progresses. It’s also why I offer a free initial appointment so you can meet me and we can see if we are both happy to start working together.


How frequent are the sessions?

How often do I come to therapy?

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Most people find that once a week is the best      frequency, at least to start with. If you are finding things particularly hard at the moment, we can increase to twice a week or have double length sessions. Over time, and depending on progress, sessions can change to fortnightly and then monthly. Sometimes people have a group of sessions, and then a break, and then return for another period of time; this is particularly useful in trauma, when you might need to manage how much work you can do at one time.

Do I keep the same day/time?

Do I have a fixed session day/time?

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Some clients prefer to schedule sessions flexibly, to suit their other committments, and others like to have the same day/time each week. I cannot guarantee that your particular ‘slot’ will always be available for you, but will do my best to arrange this as often as possible. You may book and pay for sessions in advance to secure them.

How long does therapy take?

How long does therapy take?

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Each session takes 50-55 minutes. You are in charge of how many sessions you have, over what time period, and it will depend on your needs. We will regularly review how things are going, and how you are feeling about coming, and make any adjustments necessary.

How can I book a session?

How to contact me

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You can contact me by ‘phone, email, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. If I’m with clients I won’t answer you immediately, but I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with a couple of suggestions for an appointment. We’ll agree a date and time, and you can meet me, either in the office or online. We can decide from there whether you’d like another appointment.

How do I pay for sessions?

Ways to pay

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If you are in the office, you can pay in Euros by cash, credit/debit card at the time, or by bank transfer in advance. Online clients pay up to 24 hours in advance by Euro bank transfer or Revolut.  Sessions that are not cancelled within the 24 hour notice period need to be paid for before the next appointment.